We’re hiring! – Director of Ministry to Children

City Life Church is hiring a Director of Ministry to Children. You can read the job description below and apply by emailing a resume and cover letter to  info@austincitylife.org

The Director of Ministry to Children at City Life embraces our vision to renew cities socially, spiritually, and culturally with the gospel of Jesus. Our ministry to children accomplishes this vision by helping the next generation learn the gospel, better understand the Bible, build meaningful friendships, and know people in our community who reflect a diversity of urban life.

The Director provides leadership for Kids Life (infant to 5th grade) and Youth Life (5th grade to High School) ministries, both of which are supported by faithful volunteers. The Director oversees the mission of the ministry: Point children to Jesus, reveal the centrality of the gospel through Biblical stories, support volunteers within the ministry, and assist parents as they raise their children in the fear and instruction of the Lord.

The Children’s Ministry Director works with a volunteer scheduler and a team of Sunday coordinators to care for our children well and gives oversight to the following:

  • Volunteer Recruitment
  • Volunteer Training
  • Volunteer Scheduling
  • Leadership Development among volunteer base
  • Maintenance and implementation of all Children’s Ministry Policies and Procedures
  • Logistics for Sunday Gatherings
  • Coordination of all Children’s Ministry communication to the church family
  • Regular communication with Director of Operations for the purpose of ministry growth
  • Selection & implementation of gospel-centered curriculum
  • Regular communication with parents (this can range from communication about bible memory verses to lice outbreaks)
  • Development of parent events, as needed / desired by elders


  • Ability to work towards specific goals in a mutually edifying team environment
  • Active Partner with City Life Church
  • Shows giftedness, passion, and skill for ministry with children
  • Ability to mentor others into leadership roles
  • Ability to manage conflict
  • Ability to respond to warranted and unwarranted criticism with grace and humility


For the purposes of accountability, personal feedback, ministry support, and ministry development, this role will be involved in the following ongoing relationships:

  • Report directly to Director of Operations for day to day operations
  • Report to designated elder who provides general theological and pastoral oversight for the ministry, serving as the direct liaison to the elder team.
  • Work with your core leadership team
  • Children’s Ministry volunteers
  • Parents of the children participating in the ministry


  • This role requires strong character and firm hope in the gospel of Jesus. We expect the Director to:
  • Diligently seek a vital and growing personal relationship with the Lord
  • Will be a student of the Scriptures and a person of prayer
  • Keep watch over self and the flock (Acts 20:28) and pay close attention to himself/herself as well as their doctrine (1 Tim. 4:16)
  • In all areas of life and witness, seek to be an example to the church (1 Peter 5:3)

Please Note: This is a part-time role. On average, including Sunday Gatherings, the position will require between 10-12 hours per week from the qualified applicant. You can apply by emailing a resume and cover letter to  info@austincitylife.org

Download a pdf of this job description here.