Vision 2020: Christ, Church, Mission

A surprisingly high number of people attend religious services in our secular age. What are they looking for?

Some want to meet people; others to go to heaven, or do some good. Each of these reasons is driven by longing for meaning—meaning in relationships (church), spirituality (Christ), service (mission).

But there is a near and far side to these things. The near side of Christ is his saving grace, the far side his divine lordship; the near side of church is people who love and accept us, the far side people who challenge us to be holy; the near side of mission what we do for others, the far side what we tell them about God.

We often settle for the near side, and as a result, eventually grow disillusioned. But that’s because we only have half the picture. We also need the transcendence of Church, Christ, and Mission. 

Join us January 12th as we begin our vision series for 2020.

Resources on the Church:
Total Church By Tim Chester and Steve Timmis
What is a Healthy Church Member By Thabiti M. Anyabwile

Resources on Christ:
Rejoicing in Christ By Michael Reeves
Was the Ascension Bad Evangelism Strategy? By Jonny Woodrow and Tim Chester

Resources on Mission:
Why the Gospel Comes with a House Key by Rosaria Butterfield
Evangelism after Christendom By Jonathan Dodson