Titus: A People of Peculiar Goodness

Headlines often disparage Christians, sometimes for good reason. What kind of headlines should we make? It can be tempting to fear economic collapse, point fingers at politicians, or judge others who fail to respond to the pandemic as we do. However, the Church should stick out as: lovers of the good (1:8), models of the good (2:7), a people who live self-controlled, upright, godly lives (2:12).

The word needs people who are robustly holy right now. Paul’s letter to Titus features two main themes—the Church and goodness—themes that ought to go hand in hand. Whether a church attender or elder, at home or in work, in politics or faith, the Church of Jesus should exude a peculiar goodness. 

How do we do it? The truth accords with godliness (1:1). Our doctrine defines us. So, while lone acts of moral heroism should be praised, our corporate calling is to something much bigger—a faith that adorns the doctrine of God our Savior in everything we do (2:10).

Join us online this Sunday as we begin this new series, Titus: A People of Peculiar Goodness.