Stories of God’s Work in the Darkness

In a season that can sometimes feel very dark, many of us have still been able to see evidence of God’s grace amidst the chaos. At City Life, we want to be able to hear and share the stories of how God has remained faithful — bringing hope and encouragement even in the midst of difficulty. So we’d like to know:

What has God taught you about himself?
What has God revealed in you?
How is God changing your character to look more like Jesus?
What acts of charity or service in your City Group or other community have encouraged and inspired you?

We’d love for you to take a moment to answer one of these questions or share something else that God is doing in your life. To do this, simply:

  • Take a 30-90 second video on your phone (landscape please).
  • Be sure to include your name at the beginning of your video.
  • Upload it to the link below, so we can all celebrate what God is doing in the hearts of our church. Click here for an example.

Submit your Story

In a time of being disconnected, we look forward to hearing from each other and rejoicing together in the wondrous works of God in our midst.