Suffering Unjustly 1 Peter 2:18-25

By Jonathan Dodson

Lord, sometimes its difficult to praise you.
Wipe our tears and move our hearts.

Lord, sometimes the injustice seems so great.
Come quickly and heal all wounds.

Lord, sometimes we get overwhelmed with doubt, anxiety, and fear.
Thank you for you welcoming doubt and strengthen our faith.

Lord, sometimes we feel alone, cold, and distant.
Thank you for not leaving or forsaking us. Renew us with your great love.

Lord, sometimes we are so preoccupied with ourselves, we can’t see you.
We gather now, in faith, to behold you.
We sing now, in hope, to praise you.
We reflect now, to love you.

Go conscious of Christ and all he is for you.
Suffer with Christ who is always with you.
Rest in Christ: Christ before you, Christ beneath you. Christ above you, Christ below you.
Most of all, Christ in you, the hope of glory!