How the Resurrection Redefines Life Philippians 3:4-11

By Evan Perkins

We live in the fast-paced, high-performing city of Austin. Whether we’re working in tech, involved with politics, engaged in ministry, or striving to raise (fast-paced, high-performing!) children, we’re constantly striving to keep up and maintain an impressive list of achievements. Often times, we oscillate between seasons of success and seasons of failure, and our emotional, physical, and spiritual lives follow suit. How can the Apostle Paul, who at one time was a cultural elite in his day, make a statement that all of his life’s greatest achievements were “counted as loss compared to knowing Christ?” Though we often give lip service to this type of idea, if we’re honest, we seldom truly live this way. Instead, our hearts cling to our achievements, merits, and pedigree. Is it possible to truly “count all things as loss” compared to knowing God? If so, does it even make sense to live in that way in the city? Join us this Sunday to explore what Paul has to say as we continue our study of Philippians