God’s Saga of Redemption 1 Peter 1:10-12

By John Seago
  • Feb 07, 2016

The Lord has done great things for us!
And we are filled with joy!
Our God has turned our weeping into singing,
our tears into songs of joy!
O Christ of God, come anew in our hearts this day,
rivet us o Joy of all joys.

Christ has changed the world through his sufferings and glories!
You are sent into the world as a display of this grace!
Go, in the confidence that you, too, have the very Spirit of Christ.

6 Acts of Scripture (from ‘The Drama of Scripture’)
Act I. God Establishes his Kingdom with the Creation.
Act II. Rebellion in God’s Kingdom at the Fall.
Act III. The King Chooses Israel and Initiates his Redemptive Plan.

Four Hundred Year Long Intermission.

Act IV. The Coming of the King to accomplish Redemption.
Act V. News of the King’s Plan Spread by the Church into the Entire World.
Act VI. The Return of the Conquering King to Complete Redemption.