Sent Kept | City Life Music EP

This summer the City Life Music team had the opportunity to write and record an EP for our Church. The vision for this project was to write songs about specific things our church is going through and things God is teaching us.

Within the past year City Life has gone through; the book of Philippians, John 14-17, Isaiah 12, 2 Peter & Jude.

All of these texts have shaped our church in the way we love one another, worship together, and live together. As I examined the year as a whole, I kept being reminded of the great truth that we are both, sent & kept.

In sermons and text such as John 17:9-19, John 16:24-33, Isaiah 12:5-6, and Jude 22-25 we were/are reminded and encouraged that we are to be a community sent in the world. We are instructed to reflect the Kingdom of God in love for our city, for one another, and godliness.

Not only are we sent, but we are also kept and preserved by and in the love of God. (John 17:20-26).

I found these thoughts to be comforting for our church, for all ages, and worth singing about.

Each of the songs on “Sent Kept” paints pictures of God sending us for his glory and keeping us by his power and Spirit. We hope these songs are ones you can sing in order to remind yourself the truth of the Gospel and the firm foundation of his everlasting glory for years to come.

Track Listing

  • Our Salvation
  • Glory Shall Remain
  • Lift Our Eyes
  • Creator Spirit
  • Grace

We aim to have the record out in September for purchase and streaming. The revenue made from the record will go back into City Life Music and help other church plants in our network.