Sabbatical Update from Pastor Jonathan

Dear City Life,

We’re at the midpoint of our sabbatical and loving it.

I’m writing as we drive back to Austin from a couple days in New York City (don’t worry Robie is driving), after a week and a half in D.C.! Everything we’ve prayed for so far, God has graciously answered.

I’ve been doing most of the driving and somehow we haven’t gotten lost. I even got us though Times Square, in our car! We’ve had a blast as a family seeing our nation’s capitol, watching Lion King on Broadway, and simply enjoying one another’s company. Man, I’ve got a great family!

We shared some good time with City Church Dublin (Smiths & Lynches), and were rejuvenated by the beauty of the Emerald Isle. The pinnacle of the sabbatical was my four day retreat to a monastery I used to visit in seminary. Tucked away in the woods of Newburyport, Massachusetts, I was able to enjoy gobs of silence, prayer, Scripture, and idleness.

I’ve completed half of my new book, Here in Spirit. It’s been a joy to write, and I pray it will be a joy to read. We’ve visited several other churches, and honestly, there’s no place like home. We miss you and look forward to being with you again.