New Series: Revelation

Revelation. I can’t recall being more excited to preach anything else. Yet, many of us bring baggage to this book. Prophecy conferences, unmanned vehicles due to rapture, Stephen King/End of Days horror, and cataclysmic war may spring to mind. While there are many jarring images in Revelation, grasping their true meaning will stir up hope, joy, and sober faith. This picture of Jesus and God’s providential plan of history will stun you.  
Plus, the book is very relevant. As the American church experiences marginalization, this book reveals a Christianity that flourishes, not when it is in the halls of power but on margins of society. As we witness division, Revelation peels back the layers of modern discord showing us the wider, deeper conflict intended to unite us in Christ. As a people longing for vision, this book thrills us with glimpses of God’s glory in his work of new creation. Join us for a scintillating start to Revelation this Sunday.