Psalms: Reflect, Sing, Lament

Every summer City Life observes the cultural rhythm of Austin by slowing down. We don’t offer City Seminary classes. City Groups often have a more relaxed and out-and-about rhythm. You get the idea. But is slowing down enough to counterbalance anxious parenting, busyness at work, and inner restlessness? How do we flourish?

The Psalms wrestle with this very question: whether it’s from the vantage point of lament—why aren’t I happier—or of praise—I’m so satisfied I wrote this song. How do we live in contentment year round? And is it possible to reflect, lament, and sing from a place of true satisfaction? Join us this summer for Psalms, as we explore these questions.

If you’d like to dive deeper into the Psalms, we recommend these books: