Prayer Guide for Refugees in Turkey – Vacation Bible School

City Life partners with a church in Turkey that cares for refugees and teaches them the gospel. This week they are expecting around 100 refugee children and their moms to attend a Vacation Bible School. We have partnered with them financially and want to partner with them in prayer, especially this week. Below is a prayer guide that walks through the daily themes and points out ways you can pray.

Prayers for the Whole Week:
-Pray for the hearts and understanding of those attending, and strength and wisdom for the volunteers serving.
-Pray that the Holy Spirit will move hearts toward God and his glory!

Monday: God Chose You (But We Need to Choose Him)
— Genesis 1:27
Today, we’re learning how God made each and every one of us in his image. He cares about his creation; he knows and cares about each woman and child here today. In light of all this:
-Pray that the women and children understand that they are known: that their struggles are known and important to Jesus.
-Pray that the Holy Spirit moves in ways that promote empathy and the women and children can clearly understand and experience the love of their Creator!

Tuesday: He Sent Him (When We Couldn’t Get to Him)
— Luke 3:7-18; Mark 15:24-39, 16:1-8
Today’s scriptures give us glimpses of the beginning and end of Jesus’ ministry. Jesus came to take our sins away by sacrificing himself on the cross. Jesus made the way! In light of this:
-Pray that the love of God that surpasses understanding is felt and experienced without condition.
-Pray against the stigmas, shame, and lies that keep these women and children on the fringes of faith and away from the healing message of Christ.

Wednesday: He Invites Us (He Calls Us by Name)
— Matthew 10:1-15
In this passage, we see how Jesus gives a mission to his disciples. Jesus gives this command knowing full well that their needs will be met in him, and the disciples follow his commands in following his example of faith. In light of this:
-Pray that all of the participants see how they fit into the Kingdom of God.
-Pray that the women and children can see the provision of God in their lives.

Thursday: He Protects Us (Even in the Biggest Storms)
— Matthew 14:22-31
This passage is a dramatic display of Jesus’s power and faithfulness! Jesus didn’t rescue his disciples from a distance: he was in the middle of the storm with them, and even in the midst of all their trouble, Jesus was in control and able to keep them safe. In light of this:
-Pray that these women and children experience Jesus in the midst of their struggles.
-Pray for the physical safety and faith of these women and children.

Friday: He Saved Us (When There Was No Other Way)
— The Gospel Message
Today, we’ll look at the Good News that, even when we were sinners, God himself came down to us as a human to bear the burden of all our sins, so that we could come close to God. It’s the story that will change the lives of all who hear it. It’s a story to be told with a lot of prayer to back it up! In light of that:
-Pray that the women, children, and volunteers can recognize the promises given by God, fulfilled in Christ, and proven in the Holy Spirit; pray that all glory goes to God!
-Pray for wisdom, discernment, and knowledge as questions are answered.

-Pray that the relationships forged at VBS continue throughout the coming season of Moms and Tots.
-Pray that the Holy Spirit lays questions on the hearts of the women and children, and they are provided with a safe, loving, and non-judgmental place to ask them.

Download a printable PDF of this prayer guide here.