In prayer God gives himself to us. Because of Jesus we can approach the God of all things with great confidence we will be heard.

Prayer is an invitation—a command even—to worship, lament, confess, and intercede. He loves to receive our adoration (Ps 145), heed our sorrows (Ps 22), hear our confession (Ps 51), and our pleas (Ps 116:1-2).

Prayer forms us and unites us with the triune God. It is mystical, accomplishing great things (Jas 5:16). We encourage you to pray at all times, with faith and hope in the Lord Jesus, and when you struggle to know what to say, take heart that the Spirit prays on your behalf (Rom 8:26-27).

Ways to Engage in Prayer:

  • Sundays with God’s people over Zoom before the gathering. Email for the link.
  • With your City Group
  • Join the Unceasing Prayer movement with us. Send an email to sign up to pray on the second Thursday of each month.

Prayer Resources: