Current Series: True Doctrine

With controversy raging in our society, it’s easy to be caught by a cultural gust and be blown about. Storm-tossed by every wind of doctrine, our emotions can soar high and plummet low. Regrettable actions can follow or stunned, inaction may set in.

How do we find stability in turbulent times?

We need something deep, something strong, something true. We need true doctrine.

How do we find stability in turbulent times?

The word doctrine means teaching. True, biblical teaching on topics like the Reliability of the Bible, Gender Roles, Gospel & Race are needed. Although the word “doctrine” can bring to mind images of stodgy dogmatism, the truth is everybody has doctrines they live by. Even the non-conformist insists on non-conformity. What we need to ask is:

“Is my doctrine true?”

“Is it in deep enough to address changing winds of doctrine around me?”

Over the next six weeks, we will examine six core, biblical doctrines that help us respond to controversy with conviction, clarity, and kindness. We invite you to dive deep into these beliefs, but don’t stop there. Invite these teaching go deep into you, producing true Christlikeness that renews our church and our city.

  1. Doctrine of Scripture
  2. Doctrine of the Church
  3. Doctrine of Men & Women
  4. Doctrine of the Gospel
  5. Doctrine of the Holy Spirit
  6. Doctrine of Mission