Mercy and Service During Pandemic

The world is different today than it was just a month ago, but the core of our mission as a church remains the same; to renew cities socially, spiritually and culturally with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. So how do we do this in light of the changing landscape around us? We may need to adapt some of our methods, but we’ll need to remember that the God of love and mercy that called us to mission then, still calls us now.

Most of our City Groups are involved in mercy ministries to the poor and marginalized in this city. Now more than ever those groups need love, support and care. Now is a great time to set aside an evening to discuss as a City Group how you can rally around your mercy ministry to care for them through this time.

In a similar way our City Groups have been on mission in their neighborhoods, jobs, social groups and parts of the city for years. How much more now does that neighbor, coworker or friend need the hope of Christ and maybe a roll of toilet paper?

What can we do? We’ve collected a list of ideas and resources to help you love and serve others during this time. Some are unique, some are tried and true. This list was collected from City Group leaders, partners, pastors and others. You’ve probably seen many like it already. The point is, just because we have pushed pause on many parts of life, we don’t have to push pause on mercy and service — particularly to those you have already been pursuing, loving and serving.

Lean into your existing Mercy Ministry

  • Regular check-ins, phone calls or video chats for those who may not have wider support systems can go a long way to surface needs and provide mental, emotional and spiritual support.
  • Order a meal or groceries to be delivered.
  • Ask for prayer needs and pray with them.
  • Find out about birthdays, anniversaries or other important dates that may happen during this time and think of creative ways to celebrate them.
  • Send a postcard or gift.

Group Initiatives

  • Is someone in your group already involved in an area of service? Ask how you can help and support them in it.
  • Participate in a Bible reading plan together.
  • Short daily prayer meetings over video.
  • Sunday lunch together over video (invite your neighbors!)
  • Virtual game nights (invite your neighbors!)
  • Support someone in your group or connected to a member of your group who may have lost their job or steady income. Help connect them with the City Life benevolence fund.


Other Ideas