Memorial for Jonathan Lee

Hey City Life,

Jonathan Lee, a young man in our city group, recently died. I want share about Jonathan because I was so close to him. We ran errands, worked out, and shared life together in City Group. The first time we met was over lunch with Pastor Jonathan. We had a good conversation with him. He was a really energetic, positively-minded person. After we ate lunch, I offered to drive him home.

When driving him home, I found out we had so much in common. He too had a background of drugs, gangs, and the party life. After I shared how God rescued me from that life, he was so excited to have met me because we had a similar testimony. 

Before he got baptized, I met with him at his apartment to see if he truly understood the gospel and he did. He was so excited to be God’s child! When we were in our city group, he was constantly bringing his coworkers because he wanted them to know Jesus. I remember one time we were in city group, and out of nowhere said, “We should start a homeless ministry. He said he knew what being homeless was like. He was on fire for Christ and was excited to see what God was going to do through him. 

Unfortunatley, after he lost his job he entered into a deep depression. He didn’t understand why he lost his job if he was performing well. I noticed he was missing at our group, so I followed up with him, and that’s when he told me he was struggling with depression. I had a good talk with him on how Satan doesn’t want him to open up to us or reach out to us. I let him know he’s not alone and that he shouldn’t hesitate to call. 

He told me he’s not used to asking people for help. So I was heartbroken when I got the news of his death, but I know where he is. I can’t wait to see Jonathan content in the Father’s love! Those who die in Christ enter into pure joy when they meet the Father. I am grateful to know Jonathan doesn’t have to walk by faith any longer, because his faith has become sight.

Jonathan’s parents, Bob and Brenda Lee, have asked me to join them for Jonathan’s memorial in New Hampshire this weekend. They have asked me to speak at his Memorial service so please keep me in your prayers. My wife will be joining me with our 2 year-old so pray for them as well. If anyone wants to send a gift to them the address is:

2 Royal Dr Unit 201
Somersworth, NH 03878

Thank you all in advance and pray that the Lord may show up and encourage Jonathan’s parents. Pray that the Lord may grant me the words to speak.

In Christ,

Ivan Valdez