Forum on Public Faith

A Ministry of City Life Church

The Forum on Public Faith exists to help us think as Christians about issues of public concern. We have addressed a variety of issues including poverty, bioethics, refugees and sexual assault. Our most recent forum focused on local government and elections.

Audio from our latest forum is now available – The Relationship between Faith & Science. Many perceive the Christian faith as in conflict with or hostile to science and the scientific endeavor. Join our conversation with Logan Pearce on how our belief in a Creator, an incarnated Christ, and the Gospel support and affirm science and the work of scientists. Logan is a partner at City Life Church and has studied astronomy and physics at UT Austin, and is pursuing graduate studies in astrophysics. Recently she has published original research in the field of planetary system formation, developed an algorithm for deducing the orbits of planets in other solar systems from observations, and given a public talk on how scientists look for possible evidence of other technological civilizations.

Resources for Further Study

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  • Forum on Public Faith

    Christianity isn’t just a way to get saved but an entire way of engaging the world. It is a “public” faith. This means that our faith possesses rich resources to address all sorts of cultural issues. Public Faith Forums host thought leaders on key cultural issues such as racism, bioethics, immigration, and the Arts and create a space for dialog.