Family Worship

This Sunday we begin a new, monthly rhythm called Family Worship. Sunday after Sunday we gather as a church and segregate: adults over here, kids over there. As a result, we can lose appreciation and vision for our whole church family. We think its important that the whole church worship together.

Here’s why. We want children to see adults, and adults to see children worshipping our great God. With children in our gathering once a month, they can grow up seeing friends, mentors, and parents adore the Lord. This shows them who the most important person in the world is—God—in a very formative way. Plus, it gives parents an opportunity to instruct their kids in listening to sermons, taking notes, and participating in liturgy.

Finally, it’s awesome to see kids worship. They can teach us a lot about adoring God, losing our “dignity” before a glorious, praise-worthy, holy, and gracious Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Let’s worship together, all of us!