“Depth of Mercy” Devotional

The historic “Confession & Assurance of Faith” is also part of our Sunday liturgy. The call to confess our sin is an invitation to receive God’s forgiving grace and commune with him (Proverbs 28:13; Psalm 32:5; James 4:8)! It is something we’re commanded to do before a holy and loving God and with one another (James 5:16). However, often we struggle to confess and repent as individuals in our daily lives. 

            Confessing our sins to God can seem daunting, painful, or even pointless. However, when we examine Scripture, we see confessing our sins is much more than listing our wrongs against a holy God. It is a movement from isolation to communion, from quenching the Spirit to fellowship with the Savior.

            The great hymn “And Can It Be” was written by Charles Wesley shortly after his conversion. While he knew the Scriptures well before his conversion, this hymn describes how the gospel light broke into the dungeon of his sinful soul. It is a stunning depiction of what Christ has done to set us free. And this is what generates that holy movement from sinful isolation to rich communion—a true vision of Christ. Stanza by stanza, Wesley rehearses what Christ has done to deliver us “to go forth and follow Thee.”

            The Puritan Thomas Watson wrote, “Till sin be bitter, Christ will not be sweet.” We added this verse to put the bitterness of sin on our lips:

I have long withstood his grace
Long provoked him to his face
Would not harken to his calls
Grieved him by a thousand falls
Grieved him by a thousand falls

I enjoy singing this song with our church so much because it puts us in our place, in touch with the reality of our need for Christ. It helps us see the depth of our sin beneath the towering height of God’s grace. That’s why this verse is so striking to me. It always makes me stop and examine myself. It reminds me I am so broken that I forget at times how broken I am! Yet, as we sing the refrain, “Lamb of God I come” we proclaim our hope in drawing near to a sacrificial King who loves us dearly. The bitterness of sin is chased away by the sweetness of Christ. The final bridge echoes our Redeemer’s welcome we draw near in confession and repentance. 

There for me my savior stands
Shows his wounds, and spreads his hands
God is love, I know, I feel!
Jesus weeps, and loves me still
Jesus bleeds, and loves me still
Jesus dies, and loves me still

We hope this song draws you near to the throne of grace to find confidence in Christ!

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Depth of Mercy
Writing and Arrangement: Austin Davidson & Zach Wallace
Guitars: Michael Guillot & Austin Davidson 
Synth and Keys: Austin Davidson & Nathan Johnson 
Drums: Eric Magnuson
Mixing: Michael Guillot 
Mastering: Joe Causey 
Artwork: Andrew Lennon