Connecting Our Kids with the Church During a Pandemic

It’s really hard to connect right now. Life-giving coffee meetups have given way to late-night Zoom chats. Unplanned conversations in the hospitality room on Sundays have been replaced by imperfect text messages to check in on those we care about. This season has truly been a challenge as we try to make the best out of the new difficulties we all face.

Our kids feel it too. They may not have to navigate the same complexities we do, but the sting is still there in so many ways. No Kids Life classes with goldfish snacks. No laughing with friends as their parents catch up over coffee and a donut in the hospitality room. A school year that begins differently than ever before. So, as we continue to push for connection in such a disconnected time, how can we work to connect our kids to the church right now? How can we remind them that they’re a part of City Life too? Here are a few options:

Family Worship Pages

Dani Irving, our Director of Ministry to Children, works hard to create family worship pages each Sunday for our students. These materials track along with the week’s sermon, providing activities, coloring pages, and a memory verse to help engage your kids in the service. If you haven’t checked them out yet, I’d encourage you to take a look. 

Kids Life Storytime, Thursdays at 5pm

Our Kids Life volunteers also host a Kids Life Storytime each Thursday at 5pm on Instagram Live. Our girls LOVE seeing their Kids Life teachers and others from the congregation reading gospel-centered storybooks each week. 

Sunday Setlist on Spotify

Each week, our worship leaders update the Sunday Setlist Spotify playlist with songs we’re going to sing during the upcoming service. It’s been so amazing these past few months to play this for our girls throughout the week and hear them start to sing along on Sunday morning during worship. It’s incredible to see how familiarity with the music can help connect them to the service — even from a young age.

Kids Life Worship

While you’re on Spotify, check out our Kids Life Worship playlist as well. This one’s full of kid’s worship, memory verse songs, and other fun gospel-centered music. Put it on the background and fill your home with some joyful melodies!