Join the Mission of the Church

City Groups

Be the Church to one another and the city

City Groups are diverse communities of people who are rediscovering what it means to do life on a mission together. City Groups gather regularly throughout the city in homes, coffee shops, campuses, and condos. Feel free to pop into one closest to you or contact a CG leader.


Discipleship Groups

Repent of sin, Rejoice in Christ, Reproduce Disciples

A key way to grow in your faith is to go deep into discipleship with a few other people. Jesus did it. The Wesleys did it. C.S. Lewis did it. Maybe you should do it?! Discipleship Groups are small, simple groups of 2-3 men or women who meet regularly to help one another fight for faith in the gospel.


City Seminary

Theology for everyone. Leadership for mission.

City Seminary exists to teach theology for everyone and develop leaders for mission. We do this by teaching theology, developing ministry skill, and cultivating Christlike character. City Seminary brings all three together—doctrine, character and skill—in order to make, mature, and multiply disciples of Jesus who renew their city.