City Seminary

Spring Semester starts Feb. 18

Gospel-Centered Discipleship

GCD is much more than a class. It is a way to make the gospel, community, and mission central in your life. Jesus took 12 disciples and changed the world. What would it look like for you to make the gospel core to your job, parenting, marriage, and community? What could happen if you intentionally used what you’re learning to change another life?

In this class, we will learn how to be and make disciples in the environments of the classroom, community, and city. You will learn how to apply the riches of God’s grace to yourself and others in ways that are: informed by Scripture, integrated with everyday life, and intentional with people. Let’s glorify Jesus more by making the gospel core to our life mission!


You Are What You Love The Spiritual Power of Habit

Who and what we worship fundamentally shape our hearts. We may not realize, however, the ways our hearts are taught to love rival gods instead of the One for whom we were made. And while we desire to shape culture, we are not often aware of how culture shapes us.

In this class we’ll look at the formative power of culture and the transformative possibilities of Christian practices.

This is a women’s only class.