Before Moving onto 2019

In 2018, our church asked God for more. More of Christ, more of his mission, and a more robust church. We were challenged, through the faith of Joshua, to attempt things that require prayer. Many of us responded by filling out a card, writing down what we would attempt in 2018 that required prayer. What can you celebrate? What do you need to work on? Is there something you need to repent of?

Those aren’t rhetorical questions. 🙂

Slow down. Stop running from thing to thing. The God who fashioned you in your mother’s womb, and who refashioned you in Christ, is inviting you to sit down with him and reflect on the life he’s given you. He wants to take you below the surface to discover things about yourself and appreciate things about him. To discover more of Christ. But to do it, we have to renounce speed, productivity, busyness. To know who we are requires knowing more of who God is.

Ask the Lord these questions. Try it out loud, in a journal, during some quiet time without anyone around. Revisit one of the sermons where God spoke to you. Better yet, reread that sermon text slowly, and ask God to speak to you. Share what you recall with a friend or family member.

Let’s get the most out of 2018, before we blow through yet another year of our lives. Look back and celebrate, learn, and relish before looking ahead.