A Surprising Story About Following the Spirit

In January, while I was praying over what the year would hold, I felt a prompt by the Holy Spirit to do a Bible study with one of the girls in our apartment complex. I’d only met the one I had in mind a few times, and did not know her spiritual background. As I continued to pray, I grew increasingly sure this was something God wanted me to do, but I had no idea how to start the conversation.

Months later our fight club decided to renew our efforts by meeting more regularly and inviting two new ladies from our City Group. I made a group text called ‘fight club’ and invited all the ladies to meet at my house. What I didn’t realize was that I added my neighbor to the group text and not the City Group lady. They have the same name! So I got a personal text from my neighbor asking what a “fight club” is and why do we meet?

A long conversation ensued about the reason for fight clubs and why meet: to help each other to fight sin and follow Jesus. I still thought I was talking to the new lady from our city group! Eventually, I received a text from another member of the fight club telling me I had the wrong number on the group text…Only then did I realize that I had a very long conversation with the wrong person!

Despite the mix-up, my neighbor was immediately hooked and said she would love to join our fight club. I started laughing out loud as I realized how God orchestrated the whole thing. I had been anxious about crafting the perfect invitation, but God knew exactly what to do. While I struggled to follow his sanctifying prompt, the Spirit worked with me, “He who calls you is faithful; he will surely do it” (1 Thess 5:24).

My neighbor joined our fight club. We’re all getting to see the Spirit work in her, which has actually inspired us all to grow and meet more regularly. It is beautiful to see what God is doing and a joy to glimpse, through prayer, what he will do.

Resources to Help Follow the Spirit’s Prompts