Theologically Rich, Culturally Progressive & Artistically Excellent

We believe there is no such thing as a neutral, uninfluenced hour, day, week, or life. All of us are shaped by our practices, habits, media consumption, and much more. With that in view, Sunday gatherings exist to to form us around Christ amidst a world that would drive us away from him. Everything we do, from the Call to Worship to our Sending, is part of a gospel liturgy meant to thoughtfully engage the secular liturgies around us.

Vision & Values

The aim of City Life music is to celebrate the gospel, exhort the church to repentance and belief, and welcome seekers to Jesus through music. We desire to be a community of faith that sings in response to who God is and what he has done. It is our sincere desire that our songs teach, encourage, discipline, and exhort the church to worship the triune God in all of life.

  • Trinitarian
  • Christ-centered
  • Formational
  • Artistic Excellence
  • Culturally sensitive
  • Spirit-led

At City Life we value creating music for our church that is responsive to our Church family and what the Spirit is teaching us.

Joining the Music Team

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  • Glow

    The GLOW ep is a collection of songs aimed at helping us reflect the glory of the Lord. From the indie folk of “Beautiful Love” to the pop of “You are God and I am Not”, the songs share the common theme of reflecting the glory of Christ. Drawing on the riches of the gospel, we hope these songs will draw you away from your own glory and provoke you to glow with Jesus’ glory. May he be woshipped as our Lord and as our King!

  • One

    Each of our three worship leaders have contributed to this 6 song worship EP, drawing on their unique gifts and artistry to produce songs that don’t quite fit within the usual worship stream. From the deep truths found in the re-written hymns like "What Wondrous Love is This?" & Martin Luther’s "Lord, Have Mercy" to new songs of worship like "In Your Name" this EP is excellently written & recorded.

  • We Are Waiting

    "We Are Waiting" is an Advent single written to aide in remembering & celebrating. Remembering that the Israelites were waiting for the coming of their promised King and to remind us that we are likewise waiting for the return of that King — Christ when he comes to finally renew all things! This was our first recording done totally in-house as a gift to our church. You can download this track and pay what you can afford… even if it is $0.00!